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Stereobank, 3D footage for your 3D projects

StereoBank is the leading stereoscopic 3D stock footage website. From sport, business and lifestyle 3D footage to cities, landscapes and aerial 3D videos.
Get instant access to thousands of exclusive S3D stock shots in HD, 2k and 4k by the best stereographers around the world to complete your 3D video clips.

  • 3D Lifestyle
    3D Lifestyle
    Real-life content, ideal for advertising view
  • 3D Wildlife
    3D Wildlife
    The whole animal kingdom available in 3D view
  • Best of 3D
    Underwater 3D
    Tropical fishes, coral, and ship wreck shot around the world view
  • 3D World location
    3D World location
    Iconic monuments and places from all around the globe view
  • 3D Aerials
    3D Aerials
    Epic aerial shots. Bird's eye view from nature, mountains, cliffs, cities… view
  • 3D USA
    3D USA
    Amazing views of the United States of America shot in 3D view
  • 3D Cities
    3D Cities
    Cityscapes and Cities action footage in stereoscopic 3D view
  • 3D Japan
    3D Japan
    Japan country and lifestyle view
  • 3D Extreme
    3D Extreme
    Breath-taking clips of skydivers, surfers, flying men and many more view
  • 3D Slow-motion
    3D Slow-motion
    Slowly slowly, enjoy S3D action at its best, sugar for the eyes view
  • 3D Sport
    3D Sport
    Sport actions to give more identity to 3D sport broadcasting view
  • 3D Macros
    3D Macros
    Stunning macro shots in 3D, immerse yourself in another world view
  • 4K 3D shots
    4K 3D shots
    4k-3D definition ready for your next very sharp movie production view
  • 3D Landscapes
    3D Landscapes
    Beautiful landscapes in 3D, a window on the world view
  • 3D Time-lapse
    3D Time-lapse
    Stunning time compressions in 3D view
  • 3D Business
    3D Business
    S3D footage to illustrate your Digital Signage campaign view